Things you should know during Ramadan in Dubai

Food in Dubai

With the warmth and profuse sunshine in Dubai, this Arabian Peninsula country remains a coveted tourist hotspot throughout the year. However, one Dubai festival that offers a unique experience to expats and foreign nationals alike. Yes, we are talking about Ramadan in Dubai, when you can enjoy some special moments with your family or friends out there. Whether you are contemplating a family vacation or a long-awaited break from your usual life, Dubai is the place to be. It is the best time to visit this vibrant city as you get the special holiday deals and discounts. However, you need to keep a few things in mind if you plan to head for this exotic destination during the Ramadan holidays.

Relish the Delicious Iftar Meal

Do you have a family or friends staying in Dubai? If so, then consider yourself fortunate if you’re invited to a very traditional Iftar. Simply accept the invitation warmly and take delight in the delicious meal shared with friends and family members. When it comes to Dubai Holidays, Ramadan is one special and auspicious occasion to enjoy with your loved ones. When invited to a friend’s or relative’s home during Ramadan, carry a gift of Arabic dates or sweets as a ‘Thank You’ message.

Revel in the Beauty of Dubai after Sundown

The moment the sun sets, the locals of the city break their fast. Yes, this is the time for celebration and they prefer to enjoy in style. Many of the plush hotels in Dubai offer Iftar buffet for you to enjoy. The experience is different compared to ordinary restaurant dinners. You will find the food served in an outdoor tent. You are welcome to visit it with your friends and associates in the city. Enjoy the traditional delicacies like hares. It is a special menu during Ramadan, consisting of mashed wheat and meat. If you have a sweet tooth, relish the taste of desserts served in platters of sweet dates and baklava. However, if you have a taste for trendy food, you can eat in one of the popular restaurants in Dubai, serving Peruvian food and sushi. Muslims do not have alcohol during Ramadan; however, bars and restaurants serve alcoholic beverages after sunset.
Even if you’re invited to a restaurant, consider similar gift items as a token of thankfulness to your host. If you have friends in Dubai, gather and book an Iftar buffet restaurant. Enjoy the taste of mouth-watering Arabic delicacies that you never had an opportunity to taste before.

Dress Modestly

If you are a foreign national or expat visiting Dubai during Ramadan, dress moderately in public places. Please avoid wearing revealing clothes to show respect to those observing Ramadan. You need to maintain dressing etiquettes when visiting hotels, shopping malls, Iftar tents, or restaurants. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, short, or low-cut. It is ideal and suggested not wear shorts, sleeveless tops, and mini-skirts if you are visiting Dubai public areas during Ramadan.

Make the most of your time during Ramadan in Dubai. It is known to be a quiet month in the UAE and therefore the best time to bag some lucrative deals and discounts. From hotels to flights, you can walk with massive discounts as well as additional rewards like discounted rates at spas and complimentary half board at hotels.


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