Shark Dive in Dubai aquarium

Shark Dive in Dubai aquarium
why you should visit Dubai before you die

Have you ever dreamt about diving into the deep blue crystal-clear water? Have you ever imagined yourself surrounded by one of the oldest predators on earth – The Sharks? Do you want to ignite your passion for adventure and pace up your adrenaline? If you said yes, Shark Dive in Dubai Aquarium would be an ultimate experience for you! You can avail multiple fun-filled activities along with the Shark Dive when you book your Dubai trip at any authentic Dubai Holiday packages. You can explore numerous cheap Dubai packages which will not only make your Dubai Holidays memorable & lavish but will also give you a unique experience of a lifetime!

Why Visit the Dubai Aquarium?

Let us quickly glance through some of the astounding features of this world-renowned attraction!

  • Largest Suspended Aquarium – Located at the ground level of “The Dubai Mall”, this aquarium is regarded as the largest suspended aquarium of the world.
  • Showcases Sharks & Rays – Experience breathtaking views amongst various varieties of sharks and rays including the Sand Tiger Sharks, Zebra Sharks, Leopard Rays, Fan-Tail Rays, Nurse Sharks and many more other types too.
  • Amazing Underwater Zoo – Giving you access to see more than thirty-three thousand water animals, the Underwater Zoo is an outstanding place for those who do not want to see animals inside the cages!
  • Get Assistance from Guide/Instructors – You do not need to worry about the how and what of diving amongst the sharks and rays, as you get complete guidance from the professional instructors/guides. They do not only guide your way through the aquarium but also provide short courses even for those who do not even know how to swim! However, if you are luckily a certified diver, you just need to show your license, and you’re ready to go!
  • Get Complete Gear – When you have chosen any of the Dubai holiday packages and are enjoying your Dubai Holidays at full swing, you can stay assured about your diving gear! That’s because you get your complete diving gear whilst you visit Dubai Aquarium.
  • Get Your Memorable DVD/Images – Whilst being at your Dubai Holiday; you might not be allowed to carry your camera in few places. But if you are planning to visit the Underwater Aquarium of Dubai, you can keep your worries at bay! Though underwater cameras are not allowed, you can ask your instructor to record your diving. The facility of photographers and videographers is also available. Thus, when you return, you have your thrilling pictures and video with you! And who would not love to boast about such superb possessions showing bravery whilst swimming amongst sharks, rays, and various other aquatic animals?

No matter which Dubai holiday packages or cheap Dubai packages you select for your spectacular and unforgettable trip to Dubai, one thing is for sure; You will never forget the awe-inspiring experience of sharks where you cleanly shake with thrill & delight whilst others simply go shopping in the same Dubai Mall! So just explore the copious Dubai Holiday Packages and start planning your adventurous Shark dive in Dubai Aquarium!


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