How To Save Money In Dubai

why you should visit Dubai before you die

It is true that a person can spend thousands of pounds in an hour in Dubai. Dubai is indeed a dreamland where you love everything your eyes behold. This place is the world’s largest shopping hub and other recreational activities. Those who have limited budget need to plan their trip to Dubai accordingly. Here, we are going to discuss a few tips on how to save money in Dubai:

Search for a budgeted hotel to stay

Dubai is a place with 7 star luxurious hotels and ultra classy resorts. Staying in these hotels and resorts can punch a huge hole in your pocket. But you don’t need to worry, there are numerous hotels which offer cheap accommodation and a decent stay. Browse for such hotels in Al Barsh; this place is a hub for hotels at cheap rates. You can also compare various hotels online at different sites. A smart way to book a hotel is to analyse prices offered by different sites and reading their reviews.

You can also rent a room with local residents of Dubai through Airbnb, but you first need to do a thorough background check just to be on the safer side.

Find cheap eating joints

Dubai offers you some of the most exotic places for eating and they charge heavily! The thing is when you are in that particular place, prices like 130-150 AED look okay, but they are not. Spend money wisey on eating and you will feel light in your pocket. There are places which offer good food at low budgets. The extravagant malls, hotels and souks are not the ideal value for money places to eat. The old Dubai is dotted with many restaurants which offer great food at highly affordable rates like 20-30 AED. Also ,the quantity they give you is seriously generous. Therefore, you might want to just order a half. On the other hand, if you are in a mall, you can find cheap eats at the food court too.

Use Metro for conveyance

When you have the facility to travel through metro, then why not use it! Hiring taxis every time you step out will be expensive for you and disrupt your budget. So it is advised to use Metro to go places.

Free entry spots

When you are in Dubai you would like to visit as many places as possible. There are many places which require entry fee, while there are free entry places in Dubai too. If you are a nightclub person, then there are numerous nightclubs in Dubai which offer free entry.

Dubai Old Quarter

Visit Dubai’s Old Quarter, which is a true representation of old Dubai, when the main trade and soul of Dubai was at Creek. You can also visit Dubai museum and take boat ride around the creek by only spending 1-3 AED.

Visit Public Beaches and parks

Dubai is filled with exotic parks and beaches which require no entry fee.

Smart shopping

If you are planning to shop something for yourself or get some souvenirs, then head to cheap markets in Dubai and shopping centres like Centro in Burjuman, Dragon Mart, Al Karama.

Other tips to save money in Dubai:

  • Skip the idea of buying booze in Dubai, it is way too expensive.
  • Bargain heavily if you are planning to buy gold.
  • Second hand gold is cheaper to buy in Dubai as there are no making charges applied on it.
  • Browse for events happening in Dubai which are free to enter.
  • Use Groupon in Dubai, it will help you avail huge offers and discounts.

Dubai is a dreamland which one must visit once. People with limited budget can also visit Dubai if they follow how to save money in Dubai.

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