Knowing Important Emergency Contact Numbers In Dubai

Whether you are visiting the Middle East to make the most out of Dubai Holidays, accidents or emergencies may occur during your stay, therefore it is always best to stay alert. We are not here to scare you, but to educate you about the emergency contact numbers in the city, just in case you need them.

Calls to these numbers are free of cost. When calling any of the numbers, make sure that you remain calm and composed. Speak patiently and clearly, so that the authorities hear you out and come to your assistance without any delay. Remember to say your name, address, your phone number and nature of accident or emergency as well as the seriousness of it. Also, remember to provide your mobile number to the operator on the other end.

Whether it is an accident or a health condition, get the required without panicking or causing confusion. Dubai has state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. Therefore, knowing the basic rules will help them save a precious life to make your stay pleasant out there. Here are some of the emergency contacts including police numbers in Dubai:

Emergency Contact Numbers in Dubai

  • Ambulance and air rescue: 999
  • Police: 999
  • Fire Department: 997
  • Coast guard: 996
  • Electricity and Water: 991
  • Dubai Municipality Emergency: 04 223 2323
  • Emergency services: 04 223 2323
  • Tourist security: 800 4888
  • Road services (AAA): 800 4430
  • Al Ameen (Reporting criminal activity and harassment): 800 4888 and 4444
Emergency contact number dubai

Contact Details of Dubai Police Stations

  • Police Operations: 04 269 4848
  • Bur Dubai Police Station: 04 398 1111
  • Raffa Police Station: 04 393 7777
  • Naif Police Station: 04 228 6999
  • Muraqqbat Police Station: 04 266 0555
  • Qusais Police Station: 04 266 0555
  • Rashidiya Police Station: 04 285 3000
  • Jebel Ali Police Station: 04 881 6111
  • Al Ameen (Reporting criminal activity or harassment): 800 4888 and 4444
Dubai police contact number

Additional Tips

Besides the above emergency contact numbers in Dubai, here are some additional tips to stay safe in the city:

  • If you or your family member or friend is taken ill suddenly, visit the nearest hospital without any delay. Ideally take the help of your relatives or friends staying in Dubai if you have any. Stay updated about the local hospital numbers and healthcare centres close to your hotel or place of stay.
  • When you call ambulance services, you should briefly explain the severity of the situation. If the patient is serious, ask for medical help in the ambulance itself. You can call 999 for a government ambulance or the police numbers in Dubai for any criminal activity and cases of harassment.
  • If a patient cannot move because of the seriousness of a situation, feel free to call 800-362867 for the assistance of a private medical professional or paramedic at your place of stay, hotel, or guesthouse.
  • Once you reach the hospital, visit the emergency division immediately. Ensure that you know which hospitals and medical facilities come under your medical insurance.
  • If alone, get in touch with your friends or associates for immediate help.

Enjoy a happy and pleasant stay in the city, especially during the Dubai Holidays. In case of an emergency, keep the above numbers handy.


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