Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is a favorite shopping destination for most people. The glitz and glamour of Dubai attracts tourists from around the world, not just for shopping but also to experience the best of all cultures at one place.

From the nightlife to adventure sports, Dubai offers a wide range of choice for tourists. There is a variety of cuisines for food lovers as well. Dubai has something for everyone. Dubai Holidays are packed with every imaginable richness and flamboyance that anyone can imagine.

Hotels in Dubai pride themselves in offering their customers the best available service. Be it, children or adults; there is no shortage of entertainment for every person. Dubai Holiday packages include accommodation into some of the best hotels along with free access to some of the facilities at the hotel. Depending on your budget, you can pick from a number of the best hotels in the world.

The Dubai Shopping Festival which was started for the benefit of retail businesses attracts tourists from around the world. More than 3 million people attend the month-long festival, which is usually held during the first quarter of the year. During the festival, stores offer a substantial discount on their products too.

It is advisable to book cheap Dubai packages well ahead of the festival, otherwise it is not only difficult to get accommodation, but it is also highly expensive. Dubai transforms into the ultimate shopping destination and visitors have a difficult time making a choice.

From jewellery to fashion, to perfumes to entertainment, the list is never-ending. Fashion shows and fireworks are also a part of the festival. Contests are held, which is an opportunity to win exciting prizes.

Some of the must-do things at the Dubai Shopping Festival include:

  • Pick up unique stuff at reasonable rates.
  • Participate in contests, and if you are lucky, you will win something exclusive.
  • A chance to win Jewellery or gold on the purchase of raffle coupons.
  • Watch an impressive display of fireworks, amongst the clear night skies of Dubai.
  • Shop your heart out during flash sales.

Some of the places to visit during the festival are:

  • Global Village – The names speak for itself; You will come across the best from participating countries. It is not all about shopping here, you can also sample the best cuisines, and the outdoor theme park which is an added attraction.
  • Al-Seef Street – The spectacular fireworks and parade are a sight to behold. The energy of the visitors and the show with fireworks gives it a carnival-like feeling.
  • Promenade at the Dubai Festival – International dance shows and fun-fairs are part of the walk.
  • The Layali Dubai Concert – This concert is held on the steps of the Burj. The two-nights of Arabic show have the best of singers from Arab, singing some favorite tracks.
  • Al Fahidi Fort – At the Dubai Museum, audio-visual presentations depicting the city’s history is shown to the visitors.

The Dubai shopping festival is an opportunity to experience the best of the world, at one of the wealthiest places. It is a shopper’s paradise and a chance enjoy a holiday with your family and friends.

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